Day 1, 18th of April

Welcome to the official beginning of Katacon Europe 2018. We start the day together to get us ready to learn and share, before we split up for deep learning in workshops and study visits.

Plenary sessions

08:30–09:10 | Welcome and opening with Mike Rother, Pia Anhede and Joakim Hillberg

Mike Rother, Pia Anhede, Joakim Hillberg

09:10–09:50 | Four minikeynotes to get us ready to learn and share

  • Improvement Kata Step 1: The importance of challenge
  • Improvement Kata Step 2: What’s the problem we’re trying to solve? Grasping the current condition
  • Improvement Kata Step 3: Designing a next target condition
  • Improvement Kata Step 4: Experimenting toward the target condition

09:50–10:00 | Getting the most out of the Katacon learning sessions

Study Visits & Workshops

Choose one of the study visits and workshops below. The sessions are designed to be true learning sessions. We will see, reflect, discuss and act together in small groups, with facilitation from experienced Kata practitioners. Please note that the ending time may vary.

2. Accell Group—study visit

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3. Reinier de Graaf Hospital—study visit

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4. City of Amsterdam—study visit

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5. Nationale Nederlanden—study visit

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6. Kata awareness training using the Domino simulation—workshop

Alina Muresan, Lean Partners

Alina Muresan
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7. Connect Kata with strategy deployment through Hoshin Kanri—workshop

Ralph Winkler, CEO of Lean Partners, Germany

Ralph Winkler
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8. TWI + Kata: Building a culture of respect for people—workshop

Iva Berná, Senior consultant, DMC management consulting, Czech Republic

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9. The Kata Dojo: Develop world class coaches—workshop

Tilo Schwarz, Management Trainer and Kata Coach, Lernzone

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10. Culture and mindset for continuous improvement—workshop

Lindsie van der Horst and Emiel van Est, The Netherlands

Emiel van Est
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11. Kata at scale – a Toyota Kata Culture inspired case—workshop

Ingeborg ten Berge and David Bogaerts, Lean & agile coaches at ING Bank, The Netherlands

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Networking dinner

Included for all participants.