Preconference Workshop for teachers

17th of April

On the afternoon before the official opening of Katacon Europe 2018, we open the doors for teachers and leaders working in schools.

13:00-17:00 Kata in the Classroom

Venue: Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, John M. Keynesplein 2, 1066 EP Amsterdam

Imagine that everything we do can be seen as patterns of thinking and behaviour that we have learned through our different experiences. Imagine that researchers have identified a specific pattern, that follows a scientific approach and leads to increased creativity and ability to solve difficult challenges.

That pattern has become a well-known phenomenon in development work and problem-solving around the world, and has been named Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata by Mike Rother.

The applications are endless. Now, we hope that this meta skill of knowledge development will spread to children and young people in Europe.

Whats in it for you as a teacher?

You will be trained by Mike Rother to run the Kata in the Classroom exercise in your classes. The training is free of charge for all teachers (staff working in commercial companies providing adult education is not included).

What will the students get?

When you lead the Kata in the Classroom exercise, the training will increase the students ability to:

  • think and act scientifically and creatively. They will be trained to create solutions for difficult challenges by experimenting with a defined goal.
  • collaborate. They will be trained to work effectively together to solve problems and tasks with shared responsibility.
  • communicate. They will be trained to sort their thoughts, facts and solutions, and to present them so that others understand.

The exercise begins with a planning phase where the students understand an overall challenge, what the current condition looks like and then define the next target condition. Then a phase of action follows, where many quick experiments drive participants closer to the target condition.

Read more at or check out the video what Kata in the Classroom is about.


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